Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sound the Octo alert!

Here are our friendly underwater adventurers, the Octonauts. Chicken has had quite an obsession with watching them on CBeebies and reading the books and Pickle, aged 2, knows all their names! Obviously we needed some Octonauts of our very own...
Much crochet hook clicking later...

They are based on the "Little Teddy Bear" from "Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts Amigurumi" with additions and changes to account for body shapes and heights,ears and tails etc. They mostly all have a collar, boots and hat, some also have their trademark tools.
Want to meet them?

Captain Barnacles
with his captain hat and trusty Octo compass

Kwazii kitten
he's got a tail (you can just see it) and his pirate eye patch

Peso penguin
with nurses bag in which to keep his bandages

Shellington sea otter
has a handy bag to keep his research notes safe

Tweak bunny
has her engineer's spanner, pink headband and cute quiff

Dashi dog
with a pink skirt and lovely pink grips to keep her hair out of her eyes

Professor Inkling octopus
with monocle and stylish bowtie
(The biggest deviation from the pattern, with pipe cleaners to make his tentacles poseable)

Tunip the Vegimal
part animal part vegetable
(I can take no credit for this pattern! I found it here via crochet pattern central)

Phew! What a first post.
I have plenty of other stuff to show you, but that's for another day.
See you later!


  1. My kids have just discovered Octonauts! These are ADORABLE! Any plans to sell your patterns?

    1. Thank you. You're very kind. I was really just making them for my 2, but I'll give it some thought.

  2. I'd definitely love the patterns also. Just letting u know u would have some interests. Great job!

  3. hi, im in the process of making some octonauts for a friends daughter and im a bit stuck with Dashi.. does her 'hair' come down the back of the head or is it just around the top? thanks in advance :)

    1. Hello there! sorry to be so slow in replying.... Dashi's hair does go right down the back of her head (kind of like a swimming cap??!) I hope that I wasn't too late to be of some help.