Monday, 3 October 2011

Stuffy, we love you Stuffy! (and Baby Stuffy too)

 For the Pickle's birthday I made a big stuffed cube(!) inspired by another favourite Cbeebies character, Stuffy from "Show me, show me". He happily hugged and jumped on him and searched for the token in his back pocket but he's just a bit big to take out so... I made a mini version. Baby stuffy, as he's known to his friends, has a jeans front pocket rather than a patch back pocket and a handy key ring to attach him to the buggy.

                                                                             If you know the character you'll see what I mean when I say "inspired by", he's completely different colours! I thought it would be a complete nightmare to try and find the exact same materials, so I went with what I had. The textures are similar though; denim with a pocket, swirly cushion cover, corduroy, fun fur and felty face, the bottom is oilcloth rather than glittery. I was concerned when he was being unwrapped but "Stuffy" was the cry so he was obviously recognisable to a 2 year old.

The big one measures 25cm and the baby is 15cm just in case you were wondering.
Okey Dokey I'm off, see you later!

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