Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Nativity Bowling!

"And why not?" I say.  
Chicken insisted on having some of those pre/pro?biotic breakfast drinks when he came to help(?) me at the supermarket on monday, so by this morning we had 3 empty plastic containers. As I washed them out for recycling I had an idea!

 They conveniently only had writing on one side so we stuck on faces, crowns and wound around pipe cleaner arms to hold on their cloaks. Each was given his own gift to carry. A tin foil ball and Bob's your Christmas bowling Uncle!

Mr Pineapple also joined in the fun (another Chicken purchase!honestly, how much help did I think a 6 year old would be at the supermarket?)

On to (slightly) more serious matters. Some Christmas pressies...

A secret Santa triangular chicken.

Chicken was Caspar the King in "The Kings Story" his school nativity concert, so I made a little crocheted king for his teacher.


A trio of Christmas puds for the teaching assistant (you can't tell from the photo but they are 3 sizes and get bigger as they go down - I was trying to get the holly and berries in the pic).

Two monsters for Chicken and Pickle's cousins.

from a Molly Makes template, hope they all like them! And of course there's more to come!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas crochet

I've made a few new things to go with the Christmas collection I started last year!

A christmas garland to replace the Autumn one. Tree and heart patterns from theroyalsisters (scroll down for tutorials), star pattern jellywares. I made the two small sets with 3.5mm hook and the bigger one with 6mm I think.

 A couple of Christmas trees, just a red rectangle with a green triangle on top (to state the obvious!)

And a gnome. Not technically Christmas I know, but I thought I could make him again as Father Christmas/ Elf or some such thing. Pattern from bellasartes ( I crocheted him a beard rather than using felt. I have nothing against felt obviously I just like my crocheted things to be crocheted and my felt things to be felt, I can't help these peculiarities I have!)

Finally a couple of not-at-all-Christmas things I just photographed..

Two brooches. A felt Remembrance poppy and a crocheted Bee... why not?

Oh! Finally, finally I haven't forgotten about the ladybird pattern ...  it's on the way SOON.

See you later!

Saturday, 3 December 2011

What have I been doing?

 I haven't felt much like posting recently. But I have been keeping my mind (and hands) busy with a few things.

I've just taken down the Autumn garland. Felt bits and bobs, hand stitched and then machined up the middle of each piece with invisible thread to give me something to hang them with. First four pics are on the carpet (ignore the crumbs - didn't feel much like vacuuming either!) the next two with weird perspective are them in all their hanging glory.

Next up my (fairly) new toy which I used to make the Halloween biscuits and these little beauties.

(again crumbs - sorry!)

Pickle always asks for some completely inappropriate toy in his bed, something that will poke his eye out in the night, plastic diggers is a favourite. If you've been here before you'll know what's coming next... we needed a crocheted digger!!! But just so you know, I'm not the only one who thinks like this. I found a free pattern at lookatwhatimade for a fabulous fully functioning non eye poking digger. I slightly altered it to give (mine) Pickle's thinner tyres and here it is..

Pretty cool hey?

Nearly done, you'll be pleased to hear. For a couple of girls birthdays in the last week or so I made felt brooches. (They both happen to be grey - not sure why).

A cat..

and an elephant...

that I liked so much I made one for me too!

One's attached to the birthday card the other is already on my cardigan!

The ears are from a shift dress my Nana made in the 60/70's, I altered in the 90's, and used to wear at university. I altered it again recently to make it into a top, although it did still fit it was waaaay tighter and shorter than I will ever wear now! But at least I can use the remnants for lovely little things like this.

...and now on to Christmas makes (I've got a few things in mind and on the hook!)
See you soon.