Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Christmas crochet

I've made a few new things to go with the Christmas collection I started last year!

A christmas garland to replace the Autumn one. Tree and heart patterns from theroyalsisters (scroll down for tutorials), star pattern jellywares. I made the two small sets with 3.5mm hook and the bigger one with 6mm I think.

 A couple of Christmas trees, just a red rectangle with a green triangle on top (to state the obvious!)

And a gnome. Not technically Christmas I know, but I thought I could make him again as Father Christmas/ Elf or some such thing. Pattern from bellasartes ( I crocheted him a beard rather than using felt. I have nothing against felt obviously I just like my crocheted things to be crocheted and my felt things to be felt, I can't help these peculiarities I have!)

Finally a couple of not-at-all-Christmas things I just photographed..

Two brooches. A felt Remembrance poppy and a crocheted Bee... why not?

Oh! Finally, finally I haven't forgotten about the ladybird pattern ...  it's on the way SOON.

See you later!

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