Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Nativity Bowling!

"And why not?" I say.  
Chicken insisted on having some of those pre/pro?biotic breakfast drinks when he came to help(?) me at the supermarket on monday, so by this morning we had 3 empty plastic containers. As I washed them out for recycling I had an idea!

 They conveniently only had writing on one side so we stuck on faces, crowns and wound around pipe cleaner arms to hold on their cloaks. Each was given his own gift to carry. A tin foil ball and Bob's your Christmas bowling Uncle!

Mr Pineapple also joined in the fun (another Chicken purchase!honestly, how much help did I think a 6 year old would be at the supermarket?)

On to (slightly) more serious matters. Some Christmas pressies...

A secret Santa triangular chicken.

Chicken was Caspar the King in "The Kings Story" his school nativity concert, so I made a little crocheted king for his teacher.


A trio of Christmas puds for the teaching assistant (you can't tell from the photo but they are 3 sizes and get bigger as they go down - I was trying to get the holly and berries in the pic).

Two monsters for Chicken and Pickle's cousins.

from a Molly Makes template, hope they all like them! And of course there's more to come!

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