Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Happy half birthday!

Our Pickle was two-and-a-half today so, as is my new tradition, I made half a birthday cake! I had it in my mind to make a striped cake but didn't have the time or inclination for mixing and washing up four separate cake mixes so... I weighed the mixture into two tins and used the cocktail stick coated in colouring to mix each colour straight in the tin!

I crossed my fingers that the two colours would not run together and waited 20 mins for them to cook...

So far, so good. I waited for them to cool, hoping that the colour went right through the cakes, and made the butter icing ( I did consider making the icing purple but managed to restrain myself and went with plain).
Cakes cut in half glued together with, and smeared in, icing and...

The yellow is a bit patchy and the red has a couple of plain blobs but we've eaten the evidence so it doesn't really matter, and these things rarely do to kids anyway!
Not too bad considering half way through the icing smearing I realised we should have already left to collect Chicken from school! (A quick run in anticipation of the teatime cake eating).

See you soon.

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