Saturday, 28 January 2012


One of Pickle's favourite sayings! (Along with various other characters and their catchphrases).
This project was supposed to be finished for Christmas, and it pretty much was, when I lost all enthusiasm for it. So on a wet Wednesday afternoon in mid/late January I greeted Pickle from his nap with the aforementioned words and his very own crocheted Bowser.

"Thank you very much, my lovely Bowser" was the fabulous response I got and he held very tightly onto Bowser for the rest of the day. Pattern at nanettecrochet.

You may have noticed a couple of plumbers who've sneaked into the last picture. I made them a while ago, patterns at wolfdreamer.

 "I am Mario...Woohoo", "I am Ilugi (that's what he calls Luigi!)...Yippee".

On a completely unrelated note. Chicken took a crystal encrusted rock to school on Friday to show to his friends and talk about. His teacher said it would make a good ring and after Chicken said you could use a small part of it to make a ring, she said she would like her crystal ring to be huuuge! So we made her a huuuuge crystal ring (from card and shiny tape).

Hope she likes it!!!! (Chicken has been trying to remember the words decahedron and pentagonal bipyramid).
See you soon!


  1. I Love your Bowser! He came together so well.

  2. Thank you so much, the instructions were great. He is a very well hugged toy!