Saturday, 25 February 2012

A bag, a heart, three flowers and a teaser

So last week was our half term holiday and we went away for the week. Saw some friends and some family then flopped back at home for a couple of days.
I also managed to get some kind of weird virus that made the top of my arms extremely hot and has had various of my joints aching and swelling in random!
Anyway onto more important matters. I made a bag for a newly 11 year old (and promptly forgot to pack it to give to her! oh well).
As you can see it features more of the William Morris fabric.



and it's totally-turn-inside-outable!

other back,

other front.

As you will no doubt have noticed it's made from a small pair of jeans (age 12-18 months I think) that used to belong to the lovely Pickle. 
I also have a handbag made from some even smaller jeans that people regularly comment upon at the supermarket, in the hairdressers etc! I may even remember to photograph it sometime so you can see it.

Next up is a little Valentine left over.

I had some multi coloured yarn which reminded me of love hearts sweets so I thought I'd make a heart brooch. Two spiral hearts crocheted and stitched together, two eyes a mouth and there you go.

Must be time now for three flowers..

The pink one I made some time ago now and is a brooch. I kept looking at it thinking it would made a nice ring and not wanting to dismantle it I made the burgundy one.

The purple one I haven't decided what to do with yet hence it still having the yarn tail. I just liked the colour (although it hasn't photographed well) and was on a roll.

And finally the teaser...

See you soon!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Toddler tattoo, Valentines and other nonsense.

Chicken had a Valentine disco after school on Thursday so I couldn't really stop myself from making something for him to wear. It was fairly restrained though, just a badge (I don't think boys wear brooches do they?)

I thought I'd also make a 2 year old friendly version for Pickle. So I made a toddler tattoo ie the same pic but on an armband. It's an idea I had a long time ago, in fact so long ago that I was calling it a baby tattoo. I am quite pleased with myself! Pickle however is not so impressed and tried to immediately remove it.

Here it is unwrapped, as you can see it just buttons up around the arm.

I found a pixel heart Valentine card printable at minieco and had to make one for Daddy Chicken Pickle...

...along with my own witty comment! We'll wait to see what he makes of that because he obviously hasn't seen it yet and I'm pretty sure he won't be reading this!!!

On a completely unrelated note I made myself a new skirt. It isn't hemmed yet but I photographed it anyway.

It's a William Morris print fabric that used to be... you guessed it, curtains! So. I was quite pleased with how well I managed to line up the seams that I took photos of them too..


and side!

What can I say that won't further convince you of my bonkers-ness?

See you soon.

Monday, 6 February 2012

It snowed!

The kids were quite excited as it's the only snow we've had this Winter and it conveniently came at the weekend. Chicken, Pickle and Daddy went out to play. I sensibly stayed inside with a cup of tea and my camera. Pickle (wearing a crocheted hat - what else!) and Daddy went for a walk in the snow WITH the play house, I don't know why.

It was weirdly light as I went to bed, so I took a couple of pics. This is 11pm and with no flash. Strange.

Chicken and I made a February / Valentines garland by wrapping pipe cleaners around a heart shaped cookie cutter (I saw the idea somewhere...who knows where now? sorry). I also finally put in some little hooks for holding up the ever growing garland collection, rather than the blu-tac-stick-it-back-up-again-every-morning-when-it's-in-a-heap-on-the-floor method that I previously went with.

A couple of crocheted bits also found their way into our collection this week... a pumpkin pie with a sachet of pumpkin pie spice inside! (I had to google it as I had no idea of the ingredients, but I did have them all in my cupboard so he smells lovely). Pattern at craftyiscool

And a poseable(?) moustache from easymakesmehappy

So there you have it, more sensible behaviour from the Chicken Pickle house!
See you soon!