Monday, 6 February 2012

It snowed!

The kids were quite excited as it's the only snow we've had this Winter and it conveniently came at the weekend. Chicken, Pickle and Daddy went out to play. I sensibly stayed inside with a cup of tea and my camera. Pickle (wearing a crocheted hat - what else!) and Daddy went for a walk in the snow WITH the play house, I don't know why.

It was weirdly light as I went to bed, so I took a couple of pics. This is 11pm and with no flash. Strange.

Chicken and I made a February / Valentines garland by wrapping pipe cleaners around a heart shaped cookie cutter (I saw the idea somewhere...who knows where now? sorry). I also finally put in some little hooks for holding up the ever growing garland collection, rather than the blu-tac-stick-it-back-up-again-every-morning-when-it's-in-a-heap-on-the-floor method that I previously went with.

A couple of crocheted bits also found their way into our collection this week... a pumpkin pie with a sachet of pumpkin pie spice inside! (I had to google it as I had no idea of the ingredients, but I did have them all in my cupboard so he smells lovely). Pattern at craftyiscool

And a poseable(?) moustache from easymakesmehappy

So there you have it, more sensible behaviour from the Chicken Pickle house!
See you soon!

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