Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Not a lot to show for it.

I have been working hard in the garden, trying to get the veg beds ready, now that Spring is officially here. I've had back ache, been sweating and toiling for hours on end. The trouble with this kind of work is that there's not really much to see.
It makes me happy to look out of the kitchen window and see neat, weed free beds warming in the sunshine ready for their new charges, I just feel they should shine or glitter or something considering all the effort! I suppose the rewards come later.
Anyway try to be suitably impressed as I show you the evidence (and please don't tut at the fact that I haven't weeded the paths yet!)

 Half way..
(the stuff in the closest beds is green manure, not weeds, just so you know!)

all done.

Down the far end is a perennial bed and a fruit bed, as well as some fruit trees in front of the greenhouse.

 The first signs of the rhubarb.

Black, red and white currants; strawberries and raspberries.

After all that exhertion, some light entertainment was required. In the form of cake!
I pitched this as rainbow cake to Pickle, who was delighted to see each bowl of cake mix change colour before his eyes. (I didn't think to get the camera at this point but fear not I made up for that later!)

5 different coloured cake mixes poured into a loaf tin,

came out looking like this!

sliced to reveal a changing pattern of colours,

and leaving a pile of washing up like this!

Pretty cool if you ask me (and Pickle, Chicken and Daddy)!

Lastly I thought I'd show you a quick picture of some beasties made by Chicken when he was sent home ill from school in the midst of the Pickle disaster!

A couple of snails, a ladybird and a nest with two eggs. He may yet get around to painting them.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

It's been a long time,

been a long time, been a long, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time. (sorry couldn't resist a bit of Led Zeppelin there!)
But it has been eventful.

I'll start with the reason for my prolonged absence.
One afternoon after school, as I was hanging the coats up, I heard a cry from the living room. Pickle was on the floor next to an open cupboard door. I picked him up for his quick cuddle and "it's alright, are you ok?" that sorts everything out. His eye was completely covered in blood and it was streaming down his face. I tried to remain calm although I could feel my heart racing and my mind going a thousand miles an hour. I made incoherent phone calls to Daddy and Grandad. "Get your coat we need to go to the hospital" I heard myself say to Chicken. I then ran around the house throwing everything I could think we might possibly need into my bag. Grandma and Grandad met us at the hospital and stayed until we saw the doctor who very matter-of-factly said "That's fine, we'll clean him up and glue it back together". By now we could see that his eyelid and underneath the eye were cut in a kind of sideways V shape. Another wait and the nurses attempted to stick him back together. After much deliberation and consultation, they decided that they didn't want to risk glue so close to his eye. So basically Pickle's eye was steri-stripped back together. This was the moment he decided to start crying and off popped the strips! More strips (and even more to hold down the others) and an eye patch dressing and we were on our way.

All was well until 48 hours later when everything that should have been within his digestive system came out, both ends. So to, almost literally, add insult to injury Pickle then had 6 days of a horrible sickness bug presumably courtesy of our local hospital. He spent most of his time on the sofa in pain, being sick, filling his pants, or fast asleep. Nothing stayed in for much longer than an hour, not that he's really been eating or drinking a lot anyway.



You can just about see the scar under, in the corner and over his eye.
He's also a bit grubby from the impossible to remove sticky that held on his dressing!

It never rains...At least all is well again now, phew!

If you haven't fallen asleep yet I do have a few crafty bits to share.
First some hand stitched brooches I was able to do in between cleaning up and cuddling and comforting.

A St. Patrick's Day mobile which I thought was a nice thing just be up in the house (I don't quite understand the St. Patrick's Day mania amongst the world of the non-Irish). Mine has a sequinned felt circle at the bottom rather than a glittered ball, just because..

A couple of weeks ago I made a Spring garland from felt.

Can you tell what it is yet?

Finished Spring bunnies, chicks and lambs.

Hanging up.

I decided it needed a bit of something else, so I added die cut flowers (you may recognise these from the brooch above which was a leftover).

March 1st was World Book Day and so Chicken went to school dressed as Dexter Bexley from this great book..


 Can you tell them apart?!!!!!!!!!!

And finally, today is Mother's Day. I was greeted in bed this morning by two boys clutching flower shaped gingerbread biscuits! A special breakfast, flowers, card and The Hairy Bikers' "Perfect Pies" book. Thank you!