Sunday, 29 April 2012

I can't spell !

For some reason this wasn't posted on April 16 when I wrote it (??!)

I was in Asda today when I made this shocking discovery.
Walking down the cake aisle I glanced over to see a pile of BattenbErg cakes.. not BattenbUrg as I had previously thought! Needless to say I came home and immediately edited my previous post, the photos are still named incorrectly and in the final one you can see where I've handwritten Battenburg but never mind. In my defence it's not a word I use every day and when I do I'm usually saying it not writing it down.
OK now I have confessed, back to business...

During the Easter holiday we visited Grannie and Grandpa, spent a week in France and visited some friends for a 60th birthday celebration weekend.

Usually when we travel abroad I carry all of our documents in a black leather(ish) wallet which is heavy and takes up most of my handbag. Cue custom fit, smaller and much nicer, made-the-day-before-we-left document holder. (Not a tutorial or step-by-step but some photos I took as I went along).

Contents to be fitted in.

Testing for size (a new tea towel cut in half).

 Sewn to lining fabric.

Placement of sections.

 Placement of tie fastening.

All sewn up,

and tied with a bow.

The Battenbergs found new homes during the break and one great advantage of the flatter one was the relative ease with which it could be fitted into an envelope (although I am currently testing a revolutionary new technique for posting stuffed crocheted items, more soon!). Two birthday girls are also receiving my new recipe.. the rainbow cake!

 Hope you had a great Easter and didn't eat ALL of the children's eggs!

See you later!

Monday, 2 April 2012

Free crochet pattern: Battenberg cake!

I was complaining to Andy (only previously known here as Daddy I think!) a couple of days ago that I hadn't made anything this week, apart from a bit of baking. Knowing my habits rather well he said "that's hardly class A is it" and he's right "it's not even gin" was my reply. I needed a fix!
After a bit of manic contemplation I decided that what I needed was battenberg, crocheted battenberg..
Crochet Pattern Central was surprisingly unable to supply me, there was only one option left....

Chicken Pickle's Battenberg pattern

Mmmm.. This was the first attempt and left me feeling a bit, well, flat. It's nice enough but I didn't like the way the cakey bit and the marzipany bit look exactly the same, and it's a bit thin (I would be severely disgruntled if someone gave me a piece of cake that thin!) So...

I made a second one with paler marzipan (it hasn't photographed particularly well!). It's also smaller and thicker, more like the size of an actual piece of battenberg that you could sink your teeth into.

Enough rambling here's what I did:

with 3mm hook; pale pink, pale yellow, cream yarn

(make 2 of each)

row 1.  ch5, sc in 2nd and across (4)
rows 2-5.  ch1, sc across (4)
change to yellow:
rows 6-10. ch1, sc across (4)
fasten off

row 1.  ch5, sc in 2nd and across (4)
rows 2-5.  ch1, sc across (4)
change to pink:
rows 6-10.  ch1, sc across (4)

(make 1)

row 1.  ch 41, sc in 2nd and across (40)
rows 2-6.  ch1, sc across (40)

Sew together a pink-yellow and a yellow-pink rectangle to make a square (x2).

Sew your cream strip into a loop, short sides together.

Attach  the 2 squares to the top and bottom of the loop, taking care to match the patterns (the pink cake/ yellow cake should  be the same going from top to bottom of the slice) and line up the corners.
Stuff just before you sew across the last coloured square.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a slice of cake!

ch = chain
sc = single crochet (US)
Change colour in the last stitch of the previous row.
Any problems / questions contact me and I'll try to help (only with the pattern though, not with paying your rent or sorting out your lazy partner etc!)

This pic shows the two thicknesses better (see the first one's like a slice of bread).

You can see the colours more acurately here, and my original notes (don't follow the rows on this one though, I had lost the ability to count to 10 at this point!).

If you want the instructions for the big flat battenberg:

3.75mm hook
Basically I chained 6 and made 6 rows (of 5sc) before changing colour and making another 6 rows.
For the marzipan I chained approx 50(?) and made 6 rows again.
Made up in the same way EXCEPT I folded the marzipan strip in half lengthways  before attaching.

The small one ends up approx. 6cm square, 4cm high.
The big one is approx. 9cm square, 1.5cm high.

See you soon!