Sunday, 29 April 2012

I can't spell !

For some reason this wasn't posted on April 16 when I wrote it (??!)

I was in Asda today when I made this shocking discovery.
Walking down the cake aisle I glanced over to see a pile of BattenbErg cakes.. not BattenbUrg as I had previously thought! Needless to say I came home and immediately edited my previous post, the photos are still named incorrectly and in the final one you can see where I've handwritten Battenburg but never mind. In my defence it's not a word I use every day and when I do I'm usually saying it not writing it down.
OK now I have confessed, back to business...

During the Easter holiday we visited Grannie and Grandpa, spent a week in France and visited some friends for a 60th birthday celebration weekend.

Usually when we travel abroad I carry all of our documents in a black leather(ish) wallet which is heavy and takes up most of my handbag. Cue custom fit, smaller and much nicer, made-the-day-before-we-left document holder. (Not a tutorial or step-by-step but some photos I took as I went along).

Contents to be fitted in.

Testing for size (a new tea towel cut in half).

 Sewn to lining fabric.

Placement of sections.

 Placement of tie fastening.

All sewn up,

and tied with a bow.

The Battenbergs found new homes during the break and one great advantage of the flatter one was the relative ease with which it could be fitted into an envelope (although I am currently testing a revolutionary new technique for posting stuffed crocheted items, more soon!). Two birthday girls are also receiving my new recipe.. the rainbow cake!

 Hope you had a great Easter and didn't eat ALL of the children's eggs!

See you later!

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