Sunday, 27 May 2012

Remember when I said..

..people often comment on my handbag in the supermarket or the hairdressers etc? No, I don't blame you, I'd just look at the pictures too if I were you!
Anyway I finally got around to photographing it so here are some pictures to look at.

When I told her I made it, one woman said to me "Oh it looks just like a real one"! erm thanks.
It's made from a pair of Pickle's old 12-18 (maybe 9-12) month jeans and the lining was once my Nana's dress. You may also just about recognise the blurry label on the inside pocket as it's on the banner picture for this here blog!

I also found the elusive number 7 badge from Chicken's birthday so I snapped that too.

If you saw the last post you'll know about the cookie cutters and obviously you'll be expecting Star Wars cookies...  we aim to please.
I see many more in our future but to begin with,

coloured cookie dough to give the effect without all the faff of icing. Don't get me wrong I'm all for icing, and faffing come to that, but sometimes I just want things to be done when they're done. Can you tell from the colours what they're going to be?

Yoda, Darth and C3P0 rolled, cut and stamped ready for the oven (the 4th one didn't make it!)

See that's why you need a three tiered cooling rack!

Done. Pretty great if you want my opinion, which of course you do! And even better, you can eat them!

On Friday, last day of school before the half term jubilee holiday, the kids can go dressed in red, white and blue so Grandma and Grandad turned up today with a pair of Union Jack shorts for Chicken to wear! I had already planned to make him a t shirt so in the spirit of overkill here it is.

Let's just hope it's not freezing cold or chucking it down by Friday (which let's face it is quite likely as we've had a glorious week of sunshine).
Fingers crossed, as there's also a picnic and entertainment on the school field.

See you soon.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Random weekend stuff

As the heading suggests here's some random stuff from this last weekend!

Painting the "command post", as you can tell from the hats it was coooooold on Saturday but there was work to be done...

...and on Sunday it was finished and played in.

Some things are starting to grow in the vegetable beds,

peas, beans and radishes are doing well, spinach and chard just starting to show themselves. The other beds look quite bare in comparison.

The fruit in pots seem to be doing quite well and although I didn't photograph it this time the rhubarb is huge!

Grandma and Grandad went away and as soon as they mentioned a long weekend in New York I started writing my shopping list!!! It was a one shop list.... Williams-Sonoma.
I've been eyeing up some stuff for a while now but they don't ship these items to the UK (G&G found out that it's due to licensing laws).

What's inside?

Cookie cutters! Star Wars and Cars 2 cookie cutters to be precise. Also some stencils for the top of cupcakes (Star Wars).

I got quite giddy when I opened the bag! ( I have wanted these for a while now, I almost considered paying the ridiculous prices on ebay). Thank you Grandma and Grandad!!!
Needless to say Pickle had Finn McMissile, Lightning McQueen, Mater and Francesco Bernoulli sandwiches for lunch today!! "Shall we eat Lightning?"

That last bit has just reminded me of a conversation I had with said, nearly 3 year old, son the other day.. "I would like a drink please"
         "What would you like, milk?"
         "I would like a drink of wine in my yellow cup"!!!!!!!! needless to say I nearly choked on my tea and gave him a drink of milk (in his yellow cup).

See you soon.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012


So last week our Chicken turned seven, SEVEN! for goodness sake, how did that happen?
D'ya wanna see what he got?
OK here's the bounty...

Can you tell he's slightly secret agent obsessed at the moment?
Bought: 2x Lego Agents sets, Micro spy kit (torch, listening device, motion detector, secret message pen), Clone Wars blu-ray, Lego Star Wars wii game, and a present to share - see later.
Made: Lego Agent dressing up top and id card, age t shirt (he's 7, he's a secret agent...) I also made a number 7 badge which appears not to be in the photo, it's yellow felt and has a little Lego face on it and if I find it I'll take it's pic.

His card and cake both had the same image on them, can you guess..?

(I have smudged out his name, we didn't give him a cake and card with a big smear across it!!!)

In other news, I crocheted a crochet hook! from nerdigurumi (except I did it in a spiral rather than joined rounds, joined rounds drive me completely bananas) and then another one and then another one to make into a brooch! Here are a couple (with an impulse purchase of a 20mm hook, who even knew that such a thing existed??)

And some Super Mario bits and bobs that I just came up with on a whim! When I have a minute I may even write up the patterns.

Oh and here's my exciting new way of mailing stuffed stuff...'s vacuum sealed in one of those machines meant for keeping food fresh or cooking sous vide if you're Heston.
Anyway it means your pressie will go through a letter box rather than having to be posted in a box which the recipient has to go and collect from the parcel office because they popped out for the 3.5 seconds when the postman was knocking! Ta da!!!!

And finally..

Last weekend, while Chicken was having fun with Grandma and Grandad, Daddy and Pickle made a start on building the boys' joint birthday present. It's a "Command Post" playhouse and requires the use of  REAL power tools, oh the excitement!

See you later!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Happy Star Wars Day!

When you live in a house with boys it's all about the lego, until.... it's all about the Star Wars (of course there's always Star Wars lego to bridge the gap).
For the first time, Chicken understood when I explained why it was Star Wars Day today. In fact he was laughing about it for ages afterwards, "May the Fourth be with you, haaa haaaa haaaa!".
In honour of this event let me share with you what we had for dinner today!

Han Burgers ("Han Burgers, haaa haaaa haaaaa!")
Bantha milk
Leia buns

I absolutely stole some of these ideas (just did a google image search) and got further inspiration from wookieepedia! Downloaded a free Star Wars font to make the labels and "Happy Star Wars Day" posters.
Result - 3 happy boys (although Pickle had no idea what we were on about!)

A friend jokingly said it sounded like I had too much time on my hands. I prefer to think of it like this.. Star Wars dinner: important, scrubbing the toilet: not important!

In  slightly related news, we are in the midst of potty training so I haven't really been up to too much making of late. And as seems to be a theme round here, to make things even more exciting Chicken has been off school with tonsillitis (although at least it wasn't the Scarlet Fever which someone in his class has had).

Right I'm off to check for wee behind the sofa (I'm kidding!)

See you soon and May the Fourth be with you!