Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Random weekend stuff

As the heading suggests here's some random stuff from this last weekend!

Painting the "command post", as you can tell from the hats it was coooooold on Saturday but there was work to be done...

...and on Sunday it was finished and played in.

Some things are starting to grow in the vegetable beds,

peas, beans and radishes are doing well, spinach and chard just starting to show themselves. The other beds look quite bare in comparison.

The fruit in pots seem to be doing quite well and although I didn't photograph it this time the rhubarb is huge!

Grandma and Grandad went away and as soon as they mentioned a long weekend in New York I started writing my shopping list!!! It was a one shop list.... Williams-Sonoma.
I've been eyeing up some stuff for a while now but they don't ship these items to the UK (G&G found out that it's due to licensing laws).

What's inside?

Cookie cutters! Star Wars and Cars 2 cookie cutters to be precise. Also some stencils for the top of cupcakes (Star Wars).

I got quite giddy when I opened the bag! ( I have wanted these for a while now, I almost considered paying the ridiculous prices on ebay). Thank you Grandma and Grandad!!!
Needless to say Pickle had Finn McMissile, Lightning McQueen, Mater and Francesco Bernoulli sandwiches for lunch today!! "Shall we eat Lightning?"

That last bit has just reminded me of a conversation I had with said, nearly 3 year old, son the other day.. "I would like a drink please"
         "What would you like, milk?"
         "I would like a drink of wine in my yellow cup"!!!!!!!! needless to say I nearly choked on my tea and gave him a drink of milk (in his yellow cup).

See you soon.

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