Sunday, 27 May 2012

Remember when I said..

..people often comment on my handbag in the supermarket or the hairdressers etc? No, I don't blame you, I'd just look at the pictures too if I were you!
Anyway I finally got around to photographing it so here are some pictures to look at.

When I told her I made it, one woman said to me "Oh it looks just like a real one"! erm thanks.
It's made from a pair of Pickle's old 12-18 (maybe 9-12) month jeans and the lining was once my Nana's dress. You may also just about recognise the blurry label on the inside pocket as it's on the banner picture for this here blog!

I also found the elusive number 7 badge from Chicken's birthday so I snapped that too.

If you saw the last post you'll know about the cookie cutters and obviously you'll be expecting Star Wars cookies...  we aim to please.
I see many more in our future but to begin with,

coloured cookie dough to give the effect without all the faff of icing. Don't get me wrong I'm all for icing, and faffing come to that, but sometimes I just want things to be done when they're done. Can you tell from the colours what they're going to be?

Yoda, Darth and C3P0 rolled, cut and stamped ready for the oven (the 4th one didn't make it!)

See that's why you need a three tiered cooling rack!

Done. Pretty great if you want my opinion, which of course you do! And even better, you can eat them!

On Friday, last day of school before the half term jubilee holiday, the kids can go dressed in red, white and blue so Grandma and Grandad turned up today with a pair of Union Jack shorts for Chicken to wear! I had already planned to make him a t shirt so in the spirit of overkill here it is.

Let's just hope it's not freezing cold or chucking it down by Friday (which let's face it is quite likely as we've had a glorious week of sunshine).
Fingers crossed, as there's also a picnic and entertainment on the school field.

See you soon.

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