Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Father's Day!

So obviously there were presents! Daddy got retro gaming themed pressies, a t shirt..

and matching 3DS cover..

which almost broke the printer as I had the brilliant idea of printing straight onto denim. Well you don't know if you don't try! I chain stitched around the edge of each pic for a bit of added excitement.

I haven't really done much in the way of hand stitchery for quite a while and I was so taken with it that I had an idea for Grandad's pressie...

a laundry bag with pants and socks!
Many years ago now he used to sport a moustache, long since shaved and never to return (I remember bursting into tears the first time I saw him without it, it was such a shock!), but I thought he might like a more instant and temporary alternative..

so I gave him a felt moustache on elastic. Pickle said "No I did not" when asked if he liked Grandad's moustache, he was for some reason much more keen on Mummy and Grandma wearing the item. He point blank refused to try it himself.

Not much else being made around here at the moment, but we've been spending a lot of time in the garden. Things are definitely growing now and we've even managed to eat a few little things.

 Raspberries at the back, I noticed two almost ready to eat yesterday which had been snaffled by some cheeky creature before I got there today! For the same reason I have moved the strawberries up on to a table, they were in a trough just in front of the raspberries, and we managed to pick six today which would otherwise have been nibbled.

Sweetcorn, courgette at the front, cabbage, cauliflower and sprouting broccoli. So far no sign of parsnips though.

Peas at the back, spinach, chard, broad beans and chomped (by us) and constantly replanted radishes.

Runner beans, no soya beans!,squash, sprouts and beetroot.

Rhubarb which I've been picking and picking, globe artichokes and although you can't see it asparagus.
There are two more beds which although they have things growing in them look empty when photographed!

Fruit trees and bushes are doing well but I'm not expecting much of a harvest this first year. (We have one nectarine and four cherries on the trees!)

I'll remember to photograph the boys' veg bed next time too. At the moment it's growing two diggers, two dumpers, a bulldozer, a toy pick axe and two trowels (or travels if you ask Pickle!).

I took a couple of other shots around the garden too..

these two are in front of the house...

and this is my curved wall of sunflowers (potentially) around the kids' picnic bench.

I almost forgot the final photo. We emptied the sand pit to get rid of all the weeds and wildlife that had decided to move in. A concrete base seemed like the best solution to our problem so we marked the occasion ceremoniously, it was the jubilee after all!

Can you tell I had to force Pickle's hand in (by the slightly strange glove like appearance of the smallest print)? Oh well. The numbers say 06.12 but they don't seem to in the picture.

Well that's it for now. I'm off to drink my tea.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilee and crocheted spheres

Needless to say, it rained pretty much all day on Friday. Chicken however insisted on wearing his shorts to school, along with the t shirt (and a long sleeved top underneath!)

They had a street party style lunch and all the kids designed bunting to decorate the hall. Here's Chicken's.

We cut it out and tested it.

I thought we should have some for home too so I scanned it, resized it a couple of times and hung it up!

I had great plans for jubilicious makes, but standing on a damp school playground watching a magician whilst wrangling a wriggling Pickle brought on my bad back and I was suddenly much less enthusiastic. I've still got a couple of bank holiday days if I'm overcome with a wave of vitality!

So on to crocheted spheres.. the two things I decided to make earlier in the week both happened to be ball like. First for Pickle, a two year old expert in the field, an Angry Bird (or Hungry Bird as he prefers to call them).

There's loads on Ravelry but I think that this is the one I used. Had I looked I would have noticed that this ends up 5 inches tall, but I had already made all of the features and was half way through the body, so I just carried on regardless of the unfolding enormity!

Secondly, for Chicken, a Death Star! This is more like the size I was hoping for (always read the instructions before you start!)

I did originally have a pattern for this but it wanted me to work in joined rounds, which I've mentioned before drives me bananas, and then surface crochet. I made it in a continuous spiral so the surface crochet would then have come out wonky, so I chain stitched the details on afterwards. The end effect though is roughly the same.

Right, I'm off for a lie down. I may just contemplate red, white and blue cakes or crown biscuits or some such nonsense.

See you soon!