Sunday, 3 June 2012

Jubilee and crocheted spheres

Needless to say, it rained pretty much all day on Friday. Chicken however insisted on wearing his shorts to school, along with the t shirt (and a long sleeved top underneath!)

They had a street party style lunch and all the kids designed bunting to decorate the hall. Here's Chicken's.

We cut it out and tested it.

I thought we should have some for home too so I scanned it, resized it a couple of times and hung it up!

I had great plans for jubilicious makes, but standing on a damp school playground watching a magician whilst wrangling a wriggling Pickle brought on my bad back and I was suddenly much less enthusiastic. I've still got a couple of bank holiday days if I'm overcome with a wave of vitality!

So on to crocheted spheres.. the two things I decided to make earlier in the week both happened to be ball like. First for Pickle, a two year old expert in the field, an Angry Bird (or Hungry Bird as he prefers to call them).

There's loads on Ravelry but I think that this is the one I used. Had I looked I would have noticed that this ends up 5 inches tall, but I had already made all of the features and was half way through the body, so I just carried on regardless of the unfolding enormity!

Secondly, for Chicken, a Death Star! This is more like the size I was hoping for (always read the instructions before you start!)

I did originally have a pattern for this but it wanted me to work in joined rounds, which I've mentioned before drives me bananas, and then surface crochet. I made it in a continuous spiral so the surface crochet would then have come out wonky, so I chain stitched the details on afterwards. The end effect though is roughly the same.

Right, I'm off for a lie down. I may just contemplate red, white and blue cakes or crown biscuits or some such nonsense.

See you soon!

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