Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Chicken Pickle Olympic Bonanza, at last.

Hello again!
 We're back from our second trip away and once again I was in too much of a rush before we left to post this... hopeless.

Anyway here's some of our Olympics activities from the country-a-day support and eat-athon.

Each day Chicken made a lego flag, I cooked food from the country for dinner and we did a few vaguely related (?) activities.

Warning: looooooooaaaaaads of photos!




Icelandic fishing game. Chicken coloured and Pickle painted fish, we added paperclips and fished with a magnet on a line!




 Red, orange and yellow boiled sweets melted in the oven and then boken into shards,

stuck into the top of ice cream in cones to make... Olympic torches!

Chicken wearing one of many Olympic t-shirts (USA).




Red, black and white ninjas! (Pickle's USA Olympic t-shirt!)

More Olympic torch style snacks.. red and orange cake mix with  ice cream cornets placed on top, baked in the normal way....

cases peeled off and bingo!


Decorated Mexican hat. He was also wering a huuuuge moustache although obviously  you can't see it here.

Daddy made a lego Bradley Wiggins complete with team GB outfit and gold medal!

The last day of the games was an Olympic celebration day.

Olympic poster inspired (toilet roll printing) art..

crazy finger printing in Olympic colours also.

Olmpic rings dinner. I couldn't think of anything blue and ring like so dyed the mayo instead! I do have previous form in blue dairy products!

Greek (do you see??!) yogurt with Olympic Cheerios of which I may already have eaten one!
And so ends the Chicken Pickle olympic bonanza.
Here's a quick list of what I cooked, some with descriptive and some with actual names (apologies for any misspellings).
Poland: Pierogi, Krokiety, Apple and cinnamon rice.
Iceland: Baked fish, Cocoa soup.
Tunisia: Salade Tunisienne, couscous.
Egypt: Kushari, Mahalabiya.
Japan: Beef with asparagus and horseradish, Kuromitsu zerii.
India: Chicken tikka, Carrot halwa.
Mexico: Blackbean burgers,Sweetcorn salsa, Flan.
China: Mangetout and prawn stir fry, Sesame fruit fritters.
Brazil: Picadillo, Maracuja...
Australia: Chicken riggies, Lamingtons.
I am not suggesting that these are national dishes of the countries or, for all I know, people in those countries even eat this stuff! It's a collection of recipes for each place I found that I thought sounded good and hoped that we would all enjoy, some have even been requested to be made again.
Oh and the Daddy and Chicken expedition to the Olympic football in Manchester was also a great success!
Gold medals to anyone who made it this far!

Bye for now.

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