Friday, 3 August 2012

Happy Birthday Pickle! (and some Olympics stuff)

As I mentioned Pickle turned 3, so here's the stuff I made:

 the obligatory age number t-shirt, he's 3, it's a trio (choc biscuit bar thingie that sadly no longer exists).

The Mister Maker dressing up top. Pickle thought he was Mister Maker already, now he really is! He walks around saying things like, "You will need... some air drying clay" and "Let's look in the doodle drawers"!
I was originally going to make an actual waistcoat to wear over the teal long sleeved top that I hunted high and low for (found in a pack of three in Matalan if you're interested!) but in the end just made the front and joined it to the t. I think it's much easier for him that way.

This is just to show some of the details, not fully functioning of course. Pen holders, pockets, buttons and a row of close zigzag to give the impression of two separate pieces of waistcoat.
I have to say I'm quite pleased with this one!

The cake... Bowser obviously. A victoria sponge with jam and buttercream and an enormous Bowser printed with edible ink onto rice paper, RRROOOOOOOOOAAR!!!

He also got a garage for his toy cars, a balance bike, a micro machines London bus that folds out into a London scene to race little cars around, some other micro machines bits & bobs and I'm sure some other stuff that I've forgotten!

We ordered a personalised Thomas the tank engine birthday book which arrived on his birthday and I have to say is really lovely. It looks just like the others in the set. You put in some details such as name, hair colour and style, friend's name etc and your own story about your birthday with Thomas arrives in the post. Fab!

And did I complete the "Happy Birthday" banner? Well... no.
Chicken decided to be off school ill, in fact they both spent a day throwing up and another recovering so not too much got done. Excuses, excuses.. I'm just glad that I'd already finished the other things.

So, we zoomed off on holiday the very next day which is why I'm only just getting around to posting this now!
We had a lovely time (Chicken stayed up until 2am to watch the Olympics opening ceremony!) and on the way back called in to see a couple of people.
First stop was Dorking, Surrey where the Olympic cycling road race had passed through a few days before. There was evidence of painting on the roads,

Olympic rings on the hill (can you spot them?)

and the famous (?) Dorking chicken statue had a knitted ribbon holding his Olympic gold medal (made by the local knit and natter who had also adorned him for the Queen's diamond jubilee). How brilliant is that?

A super kind Uncle also bestowed upon us two tickets for the Olympic football at Old Trafford in Manchester!!!!!!!!

I will leave you for now with (my) Chicken's Olympic torch, made on holiday.

First he made the rings...

then he added them to a torch we'd rolled around some papery flames!

More Olympic fun to come. We're choosing a country a day to support, eat the food of, make a flag and hopefully create some fun activities relating to..

Bye for now!

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