Friday, 21 September 2012

Free Crochet Pattern: Ladybird, ladybird.

So here it is!


A little ladybird with flappable wings!
Here we go... you will need black and red yarn, a 4mm crochet hook (or whatever size you want to achieve your desired size), yarn needle, tiny bit of toy stuffing.
I work in a continuous spiral but I don't suppose it would make too much difference if you joined and then chained 1 at the end of each round if that's the way you like to do things!
At the end of each piece fasten off, leaving a long tail for sewing up.
I am assuming that you know how to single crochet, sc 2 together and make a magic ring! (you can always google or find youtube clips if not)
With black
Base:  1: sc 6 into magic ring
           2: 2sc in each sc (12)
           3: (sc in next, 2sc in next) repeat around (18)
Back:  1: sc 6 into magic ring
           2: 2sc in each sc (12)
           3: (sc in next, 2sc in next) repeat around (18)
           4: sc in each sc (18)
Head:  1: sc 5 into magic ring
           2: 2sc in each sc (10)
           3: sc in each sc (10)
           4: (sc 2 together) repeat around (5)
Legs x 6:  1: chain 5
With red
Wings x 2:  1: sc 3 into magic ring, chain 1, turn
                   2: 2sc in each sc, ch1, turn
                   3: (sc in next, 2sc in next) repeat across (9)
OK here's what you should have...
 let's get sewing!

First attach 6 legs to the base with a couple of stitches each,

tie all the loose ends together in the centre,

attach the back onto the base so all the ends are sandwiched inside and stuff to make a rounded body.

Sew the, lightly stuffed, head into position.

Take the yarn tail on ONE of the wings through to the other end of the semi circle (this just makes it easier to fasten both of your wings on the same way around ie you don't get one inside out)

and tie them together.

Add the wings to the body with a couple of small stitches where they join so they can still 'flap'

and finally give his toenails a clip!
Spot or not as you see fit, as you can see I did on the first but not on the second.
Ta da!
The little fella in the first pics has actually got thicker wings which were made thus:
1: sc6 into magic ring
2: 2sc in each sc (12)
3: (sc in next, 2sc in next) repeat around (18)
fold the completed wing in half and sew together to make a semi circle. Make another and attach them as above, without worrying about the inside outness!
Well there it is ... finally.
Another coming soon to a screen near you!
Have fun!
Play nice and don't nick my stuff please (or I'll have to send the boys round and they can't half make a mess!)

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