Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Happy Blogiversary to me!

Wow! A whole year has passed since I first sounded the Octoalert on this blog.

As I've looked back through the posts I realise that I've been a bit (completely!) useless at getting in gear and writing up patterns for things. So for the next couple of weeks I intend to put up the patterns that I should have got around to before, and in future to put them up straight away, promise!

All three of my boys, Daddy, Chicken, and (for the first time) Pickle are now back at school so my mornings (Pickle does 3 hours at nursery) are theoretically free. Although I don't seem to have had time to do anything in the first "everyone back" week!

Our second trip away at the end of the holidays was mainly to celebrate Grandma (my Mum)'s 60th birthday. My contribution was to make an English afternoon tea for the assembled masses!

Cucumber, smoked salmon & cream cheese, cheddar & pickle and ham finger sandwiches. Scones with clotted cream and strawberry preserve, mini pastel cupcakes, mini battenbergs and "tea" biscuits.

The "tea" biscuits. You may have seen the practice version of these I made a while ago, and the pastel cupcakes come to think of it.

Let me introduce you to your waiters (having a well earned rest!)

During the week there was lots of celebrating and lots of champagne drinking!

A Bollywood evening...

..the girls..

..and the boys!

Lots of presents, lots of eating and lots of fun!

One of the things we made for her birthday was a plate showing the locations of the "Ten Best Restaurants in the World" as the following week Grandma, Grandad and a couple of friends were off to visit number 2 on the list in Spain!

There's a little box next to each name so she can tick off which ones she's eaten at!!
(We used printer friendly water-slide decals to make the plate and spray on crystal clear varnish).

When we got back, the vegetable garden was looking well,

except for Chicken's much requested brussels sprouts!

which had been munched to within an inch of their lives by..

hundreds of caterpillars. "Very Hungry Caterpillars" announced Pickle...indeed!
I flung them into the pond and the fish seemed very grateful.
I don't know if the sprouts will survive such an upset but I've left them in because I think if a 7 year old requests sprouts then I should try my best to fulfill that request!

Fortunately the new flower bed he had made was doing very well.

I feel that you are now updated on all things Chicken Pickle and hopefully normal service is set to resume!

Expect the first crochet pattern to appear in the next couple of days....


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