Saturday, 27 October 2012

Is it Halloween?

On Wednesday I had a phone call from the hospital asking if I could take Chicken in at 7.30 the following morning to have grommets inserted into his ears!
I said yes immediately as we had no idea how long the waiting list was and this cancellation seemed ideal.
Chicken was fine with the news until I mentioned that he would have to miss the school Halloween disco, devastation!
The operation went fine (he can hear again!!!) and we planned to fill his enforced next day off school with making treats for a home Halloween tea.

We used these chocolate covered biscuit sticks and sweets to make...


..spider buns and covered the rest in chocolate frosting and sprinkles (which you may notice being finished off by two hungry boys in the background).

We also made...

a cauldron with goop (blackcurrant and lime jellies) and sour snake sweets,

witches fingers (hot dogs with pumpkin seed fingernails),

broomsticks (breadsticks) with snot (guacamole) and blood (salsa).

In other news it was Daddy's half birthday the previous week so I made half a cake!


and as he'd been disgruntled earlier when I told him that the special jar of Marmite with gold bits that I'd bought was not for us, I broke with tradition and bought a half birthday present

with a bit of a clue on the top!

I was looking at a pair of Pickle's pirate socks and the picture on them brought to mind sailors and tattoos. Being me I decided to make them into a little tattooed hard man sailor!

His body is made from one sock, the toe is his hat, the heel is his bottom, the repositioned elastic cuff is his rollneck and the pictures from the ankle part make his tattooed arms. I snipped down the sock to make two legs and sewed on his red feet parts, sewed on two small black beads for eyes and stitched him a nose and mouth. I wanted the whole thing to look a bit 'rough' so I decided to use contrasting red thread for all the stitches.

side (tattoo) view

back view

bottom! view
and on that cheeky note I'll leave you until next time.
Apart from my new spoon that I just wanted to show you (nearly forgot!)

I haven't cropped the picture so that you can get an idea of it's size... huge! and as you can see it hangs over the table in the kitchen.
I got some strange looks carrying that to the car I can tell you!

I am really going now. To enjoy my extra hour  in bed as the clocks go back tonight.

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