Tuesday, 8 October 2013

MAY I show you some things?

OK so here is the month of May from our catch-up series.

Firstly, on May 4th, Mr Chicken Pickle and I went to a wedding in Reading (I just like the way it rhymes, that's the only reason that I'm mentioning where it was! and I do realise that written down it's not nearly so pleasing... moving on). Mr Chicken Pickle's previous suggestion to the bride of  a Star Wars theme (May the fourth, Star Wars Day) was not embraced on this occasion, can't think why!!!

I made a dress from some great fabric by Timeless Treasures along with a matching tie, why not!

(As I look at the windswept picture of me in a field! I am also reminded that I crocheted the jacket as well, a long long time ago from a pattern in Debbie Stoller's "Stitch n Bitch Crochet, The Happy Hooker".It just happened to be exactly the right colour.)

I didn't have a pattern as such, I used a shell top that fits as a guide and just added a gathered skirt. Not something I would necessarily advise but it worked out great this time!

It was a Quaker wedding, so silent for most of the time, but a small boy sat behind us exclaimed (quietly) "Wow, look at that lady's dress!" to his parents!!!
A couple of people did ask why I was wearing a train dress. I mean, really, is there an answer for people who ask questions like that!!!?

The reception was held in a beautifully decorated barn and we got to take home some of the flowers and cakes as well as our dessert plates and chocolate pictures of the bride and groom!
The plates were personalised by the bride, so there was no mistaking which one was yours!

and the chocolates were made using the bride's illustration of the couple, which had featured on the stationery...

white on top, dark underneath!

The bride is an artist and illustrator who has worked for all kinds of clients. We have a tea towel and tea caddies, featuring teacups, that she designed for Whittard. She also designed huge ceramic tiles featuring crockery for the walls of a Hong Kong underground station! I am going somewhere with this information...

As a wedding gift I crocheted two teacups and saucers! I searched and searched but couldn't find a pattern for what I had in mind. Do you want to see what I came up with?

Quite pleased with these actually! Tea for two (although I feel they would only accept crocheted tea the other kind would just make a mess)

Just in case you were wondering about those boys, Grandma and Grandad whisked them off to visit Paris for the weekend no less! and what's more they ate lunch up the Eiffel Tower. Jealous, moi? er yes actually!

Next in May... Chicken's EIGHTH birthday!!!

As tradition requires, there was a t-shirt..

and of course, what would a birthday be without cake?

Based on one of his favourite meals, spaghetti and meatballs! He had a good old chuckle when I walked in with that. (Chocolate sponge cake with squiggly vanilla buttercream, chocolate truffles and strawberry jam!)

One week later it was Grandpa's 70th birthday so...

I felt that more cakes were called for! Much more subtle (white icing, gold rainbow dust and a few gold pearls).

And that was May.

What do you think, shall we do June next time?
Okey dokes! see you then.

Monday, 23 September 2013

April Fool !!

Hello again!
You're right it's not April, but these are the things that I made way back then...

It has been a bit of a year for significant birthdays as you will see.

Firstly for a giraffe loving 18 year old

I made this friendly fella!

Who went down rather well (so much so, I was asked to make a similar one for her friend's birthday)!

Then it was Daddy's 40th birthday...
cue cake..

I made a simple plain white cake with white icing and stamped (clean) duplo into the top of it to make a lego cake! It was my original plan to use normal sized lego for the stamping but frankly when I looked at the size of the cake compared to the size of the lego...

Looking a bit plain, so...

I artfully! plonked one of his lego scenes on top (divers escaping from an octopus infested shipwreck if you can't quite make it out!) using wooden skewers to support the weight, so it didn't sink(!) into the cake itself.

I found this a while ago and have been saving it up for just this very occasion..

Brilliant! just print out the labels and attach them to your stash for Star Wars goodies! I knew that I wouldn't be able to find most of the products suggested here in the UK but with a bit of wiggling and jiggling and glue I was able to make everything fit onto what I had bought.

I made the bag from some kind of faux suedey fabric which seemed to work quite well. As you can see it didn't fray and so i was able to leave the edges simply pinked.

All packed up it was quite heavy and I gave instructions for it to be unwrapped resting on the table for fear of broken glass and smashed Wookiee cookies!

Also for Daddy some crochet, what else!

 I am assuming you know Who(!) this is... no? how about another view?

Not helping??

It's the tenth Doctor Who, as played by David Tennant of course!!! (I did his hair a bit differently than in the pattern, which is on Ravelry btw so you'll need to register if you haven't already)

So for his birthday Daddy got Lego, Star Wars and Doctor Who stuff. Draw your own conclusions! Actually I don't know if that says more about him (for liking them) or me (for making them)!

Finally for today we have a brooch made for the birthday of a lady who loves her chickens (she actually does keep chickens in her garden) and happens to be the mother of our previously mentioned giraffe loving 18 year old (she absolutely does not keep giraffes in her garden!)..

This one I just kind of made up as I went along, from a picture in my head! It turned out just as I had hoped - don't you love it when that (infrequently) happens.

Ah April, so long ago...

next time...


see you then (next time, not May!)

Friday, 13 September 2013

Look out, she's back!!!

I know, I know, it's been forever..
No major dramas or real reason behind my absence.
I was busy and a bit lazy then I just got out of the habit!
Anyway I'm here now.

All of my boys are at school full time now and I have plans to work my way through a massive pile of half made and planned projects. There should be plenty to see!

Whilst I've been awol I have still been taking lots of pics of makes. I just need to get back into gear and get them loaded and ready to show...

As an appetiser, here's an Angry Bird felt brooch I made waaaay back in April (gulp) for a little friend's birthday..

More next week.
Have a great weekend...

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Red Nose Day and Alphablocks, as promised..

Happy Easter.
I thought you'd like to see our healthy Easter breakfast table before we get started on the published agenda...

..moving swiftly on!

Friday 15 March was red nose day, an occasion when I'm very happy to buy rather than make as the money goes to good causes. Unfortunately our local TKMaxx couldn't furnish us with the correct sizes of t-shirts so... my good friends photoshop and t-shirt transfer paper came to the rescue!

I also decided to make a sweatshirt inspired by one of this year's noses (dino-mite!) using fabric paint and home made stencils.
Unfortunately Chicken was off school ill so didn't wear his t-shirt, but Pickle wore his sweatshirt to nursery and we gave a donation in lieu of buying the official t-shirts.

Pickle has, of late, become obsessed with Alphablocks on CBeebies! He now reads everything in sight; food packets, van signage, books... and wants to write words all time. What do you think? Does he need his own Alphablock to cuddle up to?

Oh yes!!!

Here's how I did it...

First I did a google image search, then with my best pal photoshop removed all the features of the face and the letter to make the back of the toy (as you can see below).
I printed the images straight onto fabric which, consider yourself clearly warned, may well jam or destroy your printer. Mine gets very upset, I get very upset, say rude words, talk nicely to it, plead and finally beg and then sometimes it works! Seriously though you can buy specialist printable fabric if you have any respect for your electrical equipment or sanity! Onwards..

At this point someone else decided they needed an Alphablock as well, hence there are now two!

Next I carefully lined up the two sides and pinned them right sides together, I also drew around the outline as it can be quite tricky to see it when the sewing machine light is shining on it.

Stitched around, leaving the top open for turning and stuffing. You may also notice that I didn't follow every little curve, it won't matter once it's stuffed!

Cut off the excess fabric and carefully snipped into the corners.

Turned it right sides out, pushed out the smaller features with a pair of scissors and stuffed. I pinned the top to hold it in place while stitching the opening closed.

And there you have it .. Alphablock "h"

and Alphablock "d".

I realise that it may have come as a monumental shocking surprise to see that the Alphablocks I made do not have the letters c and p on them and that therefore I did not, in real life, name my children Chicken and Pickle!!!!!!!!!

To help you over the shock may I offer you our St. Patrick's Day dessert?...

with golden food colouring-ed(!) yoghurt, and made with the help of Pickle..

who only snaffled a few pieces of fruit along the way!!

Or the kids' decorated boiled eggs they took to school?...

Elmer the elephant and a pineapple (just in case you didn't know!)

A lego wii controller made by Chicken?..

As I draw this epic to a close, you may be pleased to know that those teeth are out!!!! and the Tooth Fairy has done her deed!

(yes he had just eaten some of that golden yoghurt.. how can you tell?!!)

Until next time, don't make yourself sick with Easter eggs!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

World Book Day, cards and cards

In case you aren't aware of such things, last Thursday was World Book Day (the day for which parents try to get their offspring to decide which book character they're going to dress up as, preferably in advance of the day itself!)
Chicken decided on the Monday to be Origami Yoda...

and Pickle was still being persuaded up to the Wednesday night that he would like to be Captain Flinn...

 I know you know what's coming next!
Without further ado...

 I did consider trying to actually origami the hat but in the end decided to scrunch and applique on a layer of felt instead. The cloak was made by pretty much wrapping the fabric around Chicken, pinning and wiggling!
I cut two slits for the armholes and sewed the sleeves in. Then I severely ironed the whole thing to make it look a bit more like folded paper...ta-da!

As Pickle already had a pirate costume (phew!) I decided to make him a couple of accessories..

 a squishy pirate T-rex with appropriate quote from the book on the back and...

 a bag to keep him in! Both of these I scanned from the book itself, adjusted the sizes and printed onto t shirt paper (remembering to reverse the images first or you get backwards writing!). Iron 'em on and sew 'em up, "Pirate Dinosaurs Go! Go! Go!"

Do you want to see what they looked like? No? Hard luck!

Watch out, he's using the Force on you!

I went in to Chicken's class that day with some other parents to help make puppets and one of his classmates said, "You made that costume? You're very talented!".. what a sweetheart! Conversely Pickle refused to take his bag out of his backpack when we got to nursery, so there it sat for the whole three hours!

Sunday was Mothers Day and the boys had each chosen a small gift from the Secret Room at school (they take in a pound, choose and wrap a gift that's been donated and the money goes to school funds) and made cards...


and Pickle's (it had a tea bag inside!)

Obviously they had written who it was from, I've photoshopped them!

Oh and Pickle also made something else at nursery..

how cute??! It's hanging in the kitchen, unfortunately you don't get to see his grinning little face but I do!

I made a card for my Mummy too!..

It's from a Rod Stewart album cover, she does like Rod but the title was the reason I chose this. My parents are currently celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary on a cruise from South America to Venice... see what I did? and you thought this was just thrown together...erm.. yeah!

Anyway.. on that note ( the anniversary not the haphazardness of my ramblings!) I also packed another card for the two of them...

It's a Polaroided (!) photo of them on their wedding day popping out of a Polaroid camera (and it only took me three attempts to make it, aaarrrgh!!)  I totally stole this idea from here.

Well that's that then.

Next time... Alphablocks and Red Nose Day!

Bet ya can't wait!