Monday, 28 January 2013

Happy New Year! and relax...

This post has been sitting, photo-less, as a draft since January 10th waiting for me to figure out the photo editing on our new laptop....oops!

Phew! Christmas and New Year well and truly done, along with the weeks of build up.
I had a fairly make-free time this year, just helping the kids with some of their gifts for teachers.

For his school Christmas party, Chicken and I made mini Christmas pudding cakes and trees.

He also made a chimney hat to wear.

Pickle filled a Santa tin with homemade goodies for his teachers,

mini puds (again), chocs with nuts and fruit, gingerbread men, crocheted puds and paper heart decorations.

Chicken made and decorated a bee house for his teacher (they've been doing a project about minibeasts and bees in particular).

She thought it was "absolutely bee-rilliant"!

We also planted a pot with bulbs and decorated it for an Uncle.

I did make one crocheted gift, this Cthulhu for Chicken & Pickle's Uncle (unfortunately I completely failed to take it's photo before wrapping it! I did have to unwrap and rewrap Chicken's teacher gift as I had also forgotten to photograph that...)

In the after Christmas, mid illnesses period the kids made a couple more things

dinosaurs from a kit and a frog from the contents of Pickle's new "Doodle Drawers" (it's a Mister Maker thing!) which Father Christmas made for him.

They also decorated a mug each using a kit they got as a gift

Pickle's on the left, Chicken's on the right (featuring a hot drink and cake, wine and olives, juice and biscuit!)

Anyway everyone is back at school now and I'm all alone in the house (mornings at least) to do as I please!
So far I have to say it's been mainly tidying, shopping and cleaning...thrills. Hopefully normal service can shortly resume and I'll get around to making some stuff.

Oh I just remembered I have made something else! A cosy little jumper for my new ipad...

Right I'm done...
see you soon!