Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Makes and cakes and teeth!

It was half term last week and we spent most of our time just loafing around, which we're good at! The boys spent some time playing an old N64 game on an old Nintendo64 resurrected from the loft.

So to business...

Valentines makes..

free printables: iPhones for the boys and pop-up Zelda heart for Mr Chicken Pickle! (I notice now that it's quite tricky to see the pop-up-ness of the heart (and I can't find a flippin' link to it either but it's based on the one I made last year)).

Chocolate heart cakes with melted choc and heart sprinkles (weird photo in poor light with flash - sorry!)

Chicken went to the school Valentines disco, so I hearted-up a cardigan for him!

cross stitch on the front,

and felt elbow patches!

It was also my half  birthday and I thought I'd go classy and subtle for my half cake...

with bright multicoloured sprinkles baked into the cake mix and (just to make sure) on top as well! I've tried to do this before and the sprinkles just disappeared as the cake cooked. This time I bought the brightest (cheapest!) sprinkles which must be fuuuull of artificial everything, even knowing that it still makes me happy to see this cake. Sophisticated? no, but I don't think I ever claimed to be that!

And on to teeth! We had a family dental appointment in the holiday where Chicken showed off his first (two) wobbly teeth (at last... I thought he was keeping those teeth forever, he's going to be 8 in May and still has all his milk teeth!!). In celebration I made him a tooth fairy tooth holder that I'd ordered aaaages ago via Spoonflower. 

As you can see the back pack opens up for you to pop a tooth in to hopefully be replaced with a small gift. (I smudged out the part in the second photo where I personalised it with his name).
So now we're ready for when those teeth decide their time is up!

I had a shock at the appointment when our dentist said I had a small cavity and needed a filling... I've never had a filling in my entire life!!!! Well that's my smugness over, I now have a (needless to say white! and invisible!) filling. Maybe I can just pretend it never happened?

Life goes on...

see you soon!


  1. Hiya. I love reading your blog, very inspiring. I copied your fabulous half-birthday cake idea for my little girl and did a little blog post about it. Keep well x

    1. I saw it, it looked delicious! You're very kind, although I'm sure I also copied the idea originally!!