Sunday, 31 March 2013

Red Nose Day and Alphablocks, as promised..

Happy Easter.
I thought you'd like to see our healthy Easter breakfast table before we get started on the published agenda...

..moving swiftly on!

Friday 15 March was red nose day, an occasion when I'm very happy to buy rather than make as the money goes to good causes. Unfortunately our local TKMaxx couldn't furnish us with the correct sizes of t-shirts so... my good friends photoshop and t-shirt transfer paper came to the rescue!

I also decided to make a sweatshirt inspired by one of this year's noses (dino-mite!) using fabric paint and home made stencils.
Unfortunately Chicken was off school ill so didn't wear his t-shirt, but Pickle wore his sweatshirt to nursery and we gave a donation in lieu of buying the official t-shirts.

Pickle has, of late, become obsessed with Alphablocks on CBeebies! He now reads everything in sight; food packets, van signage, books... and wants to write words all time. What do you think? Does he need his own Alphablock to cuddle up to?

Oh yes!!!

Here's how I did it...

First I did a google image search, then with my best pal photoshop removed all the features of the face and the letter to make the back of the toy (as you can see below).
I printed the images straight onto fabric which, consider yourself clearly warned, may well jam or destroy your printer. Mine gets very upset, I get very upset, say rude words, talk nicely to it, plead and finally beg and then sometimes it works! Seriously though you can buy specialist printable fabric if you have any respect for your electrical equipment or sanity! Onwards..

At this point someone else decided they needed an Alphablock as well, hence there are now two!

Next I carefully lined up the two sides and pinned them right sides together, I also drew around the outline as it can be quite tricky to see it when the sewing machine light is shining on it.

Stitched around, leaving the top open for turning and stuffing. You may also notice that I didn't follow every little curve, it won't matter once it's stuffed!

Cut off the excess fabric and carefully snipped into the corners.

Turned it right sides out, pushed out the smaller features with a pair of scissors and stuffed. I pinned the top to hold it in place while stitching the opening closed.

And there you have it .. Alphablock "h"

and Alphablock "d".

I realise that it may have come as a monumental shocking surprise to see that the Alphablocks I made do not have the letters c and p on them and that therefore I did not, in real life, name my children Chicken and Pickle!!!!!!!!!

To help you over the shock may I offer you our St. Patrick's Day dessert?...

with golden food colouring-ed(!) yoghurt, and made with the help of Pickle..

who only snaffled a few pieces of fruit along the way!!

Or the kids' decorated boiled eggs they took to school?...

Elmer the elephant and a pineapple (just in case you didn't know!)

A lego wii controller made by Chicken?..

As I draw this epic to a close, you may be pleased to know that those teeth are out!!!! and the Tooth Fairy has done her deed!

(yes he had just eaten some of that golden yoghurt.. how can you tell?!!)

Until next time, don't make yourself sick with Easter eggs!

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