Thursday, 14 March 2013

World Book Day, cards and cards

In case you aren't aware of such things, last Thursday was World Book Day (the day for which parents try to get their offspring to decide which book character they're going to dress up as, preferably in advance of the day itself!)
Chicken decided on the Monday to be Origami Yoda...

and Pickle was still being persuaded up to the Wednesday night that he would like to be Captain Flinn...

 I know you know what's coming next!
Without further ado...

 I did consider trying to actually origami the hat but in the end decided to scrunch and applique on a layer of felt instead. The cloak was made by pretty much wrapping the fabric around Chicken, pinning and wiggling!
I cut two slits for the armholes and sewed the sleeves in. Then I severely ironed the whole thing to make it look a bit more like folded paper...ta-da!

As Pickle already had a pirate costume (phew!) I decided to make him a couple of accessories..

 a squishy pirate T-rex with appropriate quote from the book on the back and...

 a bag to keep him in! Both of these I scanned from the book itself, adjusted the sizes and printed onto t shirt paper (remembering to reverse the images first or you get backwards writing!). Iron 'em on and sew 'em up, "Pirate Dinosaurs Go! Go! Go!"

Do you want to see what they looked like? No? Hard luck!

Watch out, he's using the Force on you!

I went in to Chicken's class that day with some other parents to help make puppets and one of his classmates said, "You made that costume? You're very talented!".. what a sweetheart! Conversely Pickle refused to take his bag out of his backpack when we got to nursery, so there it sat for the whole three hours!

Sunday was Mothers Day and the boys had each chosen a small gift from the Secret Room at school (they take in a pound, choose and wrap a gift that's been donated and the money goes to school funds) and made cards...


and Pickle's (it had a tea bag inside!)

Obviously they had written who it was from, I've photoshopped them!

Oh and Pickle also made something else at nursery..

how cute??! It's hanging in the kitchen, unfortunately you don't get to see his grinning little face but I do!

I made a card for my Mummy too!..

It's from a Rod Stewart album cover, she does like Rod but the title was the reason I chose this. My parents are currently celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary on a cruise from South America to Venice... see what I did? and you thought this was just thrown together...erm.. yeah!

Anyway.. on that note ( the anniversary not the haphazardness of my ramblings!) I also packed another card for the two of them...

It's a Polaroided (!) photo of them on their wedding day popping out of a Polaroid camera (and it only took me three attempts to make it, aaarrrgh!!)  I totally stole this idea from here.

Well that's that then.

Next time... Alphablocks and Red Nose Day!

Bet ya can't wait!

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