Monday, 23 September 2013

April Fool !!

Hello again!
You're right it's not April, but these are the things that I made way back then...

It has been a bit of a year for significant birthdays as you will see.

Firstly for a giraffe loving 18 year old

I made this friendly fella!

Who went down rather well (so much so, I was asked to make a similar one for her friend's birthday)!

Then it was Daddy's 40th birthday...
cue cake..

I made a simple plain white cake with white icing and stamped (clean) duplo into the top of it to make a lego cake! It was my original plan to use normal sized lego for the stamping but frankly when I looked at the size of the cake compared to the size of the lego...

Looking a bit plain, so...

I artfully! plonked one of his lego scenes on top (divers escaping from an octopus infested shipwreck if you can't quite make it out!) using wooden skewers to support the weight, so it didn't sink(!) into the cake itself.

I found this a while ago and have been saving it up for just this very occasion..

Brilliant! just print out the labels and attach them to your stash for Star Wars goodies! I knew that I wouldn't be able to find most of the products suggested here in the UK but with a bit of wiggling and jiggling and glue I was able to make everything fit onto what I had bought.

I made the bag from some kind of faux suedey fabric which seemed to work quite well. As you can see it didn't fray and so i was able to leave the edges simply pinked.

All packed up it was quite heavy and I gave instructions for it to be unwrapped resting on the table for fear of broken glass and smashed Wookiee cookies!

Also for Daddy some crochet, what else!

 I am assuming you know Who(!) this is... no? how about another view?

Not helping??

It's the tenth Doctor Who, as played by David Tennant of course!!! (I did his hair a bit differently than in the pattern, which is on Ravelry btw so you'll need to register if you haven't already)

So for his birthday Daddy got Lego, Star Wars and Doctor Who stuff. Draw your own conclusions! Actually I don't know if that says more about him (for liking them) or me (for making them)!

Finally for today we have a brooch made for the birthday of a lady who loves her chickens (she actually does keep chickens in her garden) and happens to be the mother of our previously mentioned giraffe loving 18 year old (she absolutely does not keep giraffes in her garden!)..

This one I just kind of made up as I went along, from a picture in my head! It turned out just as I had hoped - don't you love it when that (infrequently) happens.

Ah April, so long ago...

next time...


see you then (next time, not May!)

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