Tuesday, 8 October 2013

MAY I show you some things?

OK so here is the month of May from our catch-up series.

Firstly, on May 4th, Mr Chicken Pickle and I went to a wedding in Reading (I just like the way it rhymes, that's the only reason that I'm mentioning where it was! and I do realise that written down it's not nearly so pleasing... moving on). Mr Chicken Pickle's previous suggestion to the bride of  a Star Wars theme (May the fourth, Star Wars Day) was not embraced on this occasion, can't think why!!!

I made a dress from some great fabric by Timeless Treasures along with a matching tie, why not!

(As I look at the windswept picture of me in a field! I am also reminded that I crocheted the jacket as well, a long long time ago from a pattern in Debbie Stoller's "Stitch n Bitch Crochet, The Happy Hooker".It just happened to be exactly the right colour.)

I didn't have a pattern as such, I used a shell top that fits as a guide and just added a gathered skirt. Not something I would necessarily advise but it worked out great this time!

It was a Quaker wedding, so silent for most of the time, but a small boy sat behind us exclaimed (quietly) "Wow, look at that lady's dress!" to his parents!!!
A couple of people did ask why I was wearing a train dress. I mean, really, is there an answer for people who ask questions like that!!!?

The reception was held in a beautifully decorated barn and we got to take home some of the flowers and cakes as well as our dessert plates and chocolate pictures of the bride and groom!
The plates were personalised by the bride, so there was no mistaking which one was yours!

and the chocolates were made using the bride's illustration of the couple, which had featured on the stationery...

white on top, dark underneath!

The bride is an artist and illustrator who has worked for all kinds of clients. We have a tea towel and tea caddies, featuring teacups, that she designed for Whittard. She also designed huge ceramic tiles featuring crockery for the walls of a Hong Kong underground station! I am going somewhere with this information...

As a wedding gift I crocheted two teacups and saucers! I searched and searched but couldn't find a pattern for what I had in mind. Do you want to see what I came up with?

Quite pleased with these actually! Tea for two (although I feel they would only accept crocheted tea the other kind would just make a mess)

Just in case you were wondering about those boys, Grandma and Grandad whisked them off to visit Paris for the weekend no less! and what's more they ate lunch up the Eiffel Tower. Jealous, moi? er yes actually!

Next in May... Chicken's EIGHTH birthday!!!

As tradition requires, there was a t-shirt..

and of course, what would a birthday be without cake?

Based on one of his favourite meals, spaghetti and meatballs! He had a good old chuckle when I walked in with that. (Chocolate sponge cake with squiggly vanilla buttercream, chocolate truffles and strawberry jam!)

One week later it was Grandpa's 70th birthday so...

I felt that more cakes were called for! Much more subtle (white icing, gold rainbow dust and a few gold pearls).

And that was May.

What do you think, shall we do June next time?
Okey dokes! see you then.