Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The trouble is...

..when you only get round to a post every three months or so.. you end up with a folder entitled "blog" containing approximately 240 photos...which all need naming, sorting and possibly also photoshopping!

So here I am, only slightly daunted by the task ahead!

Don't panic I'm not planning to bombard you with all 240 photos (not all today anyway!).

I thought we'd start with all of the birthday and half birthdays we've missed..

Firstly, in July, was Pickle's 4th birthday

can you see where this is heading?

A little clue as to what's inside! (The colours! no actual children were included in the recipe!)

Oh yes I did!

I also crocheted my little fingers off..

and we made some buns for his nursery friends.

Next we have my 40th birthday in August! I decided we'd have a Bugsy Malone party, so we  dressed as the characters, watched the sing along version of the film and ate Italian (expertly made by Grandma). First then, costumes..

Chicken was Bugsy himself, made by stitching some bits and bobs to a sweatshirt!

Pickle and I were boxers (in the golden ring!). So I made a freezer paper stencil for my sweat and his t shirt.
The background here is my shorts!

Ironed on and covered in fabric paint.

Mr Chicken Pickle was more of a reworking of some things he already had! I added to a cap, stitched an extra button to his jacket and some delicious fake leather to the bottom of his trousers to make this...

as you can see Chicken also had the front of a car made from boxes and tin foil!

Apparently no photos of me??! so you have been spared that delight on this occasion!

For Grandma, also August, I made a deer collar.

and a closer look. I made the deer as a brooch, more options, you know!

Grandad, in September, got a cakes based on his favourite meal..

Egg and chips with ketchup (on a cake box lid because they had to be transported, in case you were wondering!), and a crocheted guitar!

For Daddy's half birthday in October..

Half Vader!!!

made with the help of this cake pan, tin foil and baking beans!

Next up, Chicken was 8 and a half in November. He specified white cake, buttercream and jam. He also wanted sparkles!!

If you look carefully you can see yellow and white stars and gold dust on top!

Whizzing through to January, Pickle was 4 and a half. No requests this time so..

our dinosaur got a half of a giant oreo cake!

Nearly done!!!

I decided not to make a half cake for myself in February as we still had some Valentine hidden heart cake left!

The following week Grandma and Grandad were coming for tea on Grandma's half birthday so I tried hiding something for her...

(I forgot to photograph the uncut cake... oops!)

And finally..

Earlier this month Chicken turned NINE!!!

There was a t shirt,

and a request for a pikmin birthday cake! In case you don't know (?!) pikmin3 is a game that Chicken loves to play on the WiiU.
I aim to please...

and he did seem pleased!

(Only one of the characters decided to reject its appendage, the leaf drooped and then fell off the red one as it was placed on the cake (aaaaaaarrrrggh!), cocktail stick and hastily made new leaf to the rescue. I was considering glue if that didn't work, luckily it did!)

 He's also wearing a number 9 pikmin badge that I made!

That. Is. It.

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