Wednesday, 2 July 2014

A challenge for the year.

Well hello!

Early on in the school year it became apparent that there were going to be a lot of friends' birthday parties (mainly for Pickle) to attend. "I should make a present for each one", I thought.. and so I set about my quest!!

First up is Norman the slug with the silly shell and his accompanying book!

Next it's our old friends Barnacles, Kwazii and Peso..

Minecraft next; Steve, creeper, cake and a grass block!

Mike the Knight (I have to say I love this one and the second picture is my phone screensaver!!!)

As time went on I became more grateful for themed parties as I could make the present fit the theme. Case in point... magician (with a surprise in his hat!)

Every 5 year old girl loves a princess it seems!

cheeky pants shot!!!

Next up it's the mascot of our local football team.

A very friendly crocodile!

A not quite so friendly shark!!


and a cute, accessorised cat.

For Chicken's friend, a brooch and hair clip organiser!

A mermaid.

Lastly a couple of grown ups (?) presents

blonde and with sequins this time!

We still have two more parties before school finishes, so my task is not yet complete (nearly though)!

Most of the patterns I made up or adapted from things I've made before. Some 'inspiration' came from Ravelry. The cat body is from Crochet Today magazine and the mermaids are based on the one in Craftseller magazine.

Although I am always concerned about what people will think of a homemade gift, I think they turned out well and I feel quite proud that I kept up with my self appointed challenge!

Until next time...