Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Happy Yorkshire Pudding Day!!

Yes, seriously, yesterday was Yorkshire Pudding Day.
We had said delicacy for tea (Pickle's almost favourite foodstuff!) but that is not the focus of today's post!
To discover today's theme we have to travel all the way back to last Monday, which was....Mad Hatter's Day!!! (10/6 as written on his hat! - obviously a US invention or our tea party would be in June. Also, I am aware that the note on his hat is actually a price and not a date. But hey, we're talking tea party here, let's just go with it!!)

We had a tea party of course..

Two sizes of marshmallow stuck together and drawn on with an edible ink pen to make mushrooms.
Mini Cheddar biscuits.

Tea pot biscuits. Cheshire cat smile tuna rolls. Strawberry and mascarpone, ham and pesto finger sandwiches.

Mini pork pies. Chocolate,banana and strawberry Angel Delight pudding.

And what would a tea party be without a nice cup of tea??!

As you can see we were joined by the white rabbit and dormouse. Daddy was also present sporting a Cheshire cat hat and his new(ish) beard but sadly, no photo!

A quick Google will find you all kinds of signs, hats, games etc if you should also find yourself "Quite Mad".

While I have your attention!
I have a couple more kids birthday presents that I crocheted to show you. Mmm, just checked, it's more than a couple!!

Cowboy, obviously! (I hope!!)

Ninja Turtle (or whatever they're calling themselves these days! Mutant? Teenage? Hero?) the blue one! (Leonardo - I just looked it up!)

and his mask!

A little girl dressed as a dinosaur!

And a stegosaurus.

Next up, big kids presents.

A glass of red?! (I did change it to pink when I remembered that is what our friend "S" actually drinks!) Let me just remind you, these are for adults! I did not give a child a glass of wine as a birthday present!!

For Grandma: Robert Plant c1973 (lead singer, Led Zeppelin. Although there's really no excuse for not knowing that!)

And finally, for Grandad: Jimmy Page (Robert's band mate, lead guitarist. Again!...don't disappoint me!)
Very heavily "influenced"!!

And there we have it!

Of course you know I still have photos galore to show you...just not so much the will to actually get on and do it!!!
We shall see...

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